Why you should go for E-Mail ?

More than 35% of the people worldwide use email and it’s predicted to increase to 11% email users in every 2 years. The world sends 196 Billion emails daily and out of which 109 are business emails. Hence, Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way to connect with people.

For small-business or large-business owners on a budget,it’s easy, effective, and inexpensive.With the ever changing of new technology and social networks, affiliate marketers keep coming back to email.

Key Features:

Rich Editor

Grab the attention of clients with amazing messages no coding necessary Reach all of your clients around the world through a single API and enjoy uninterrupted service on the scale you need. Especially in instances of mission-critical use.


Maintain brand consistency and template recognition for every occasion. Our drag-and drop interface makes it easy for you to constructbrand library of email templates for each programme.


Open and read your messages with rich customization. Our customization Characteristics go far beyond placing you with your clients on first name terms. Combine placeholders to send extremely advanced, contextualized messages that deliver value through our APIs or through our portal.

Email Validation

Increase your open rates by delivering emails to the correct inboxes. Email Validation service helps companies check email addresses of subscribers and Eventually leads to higher open rates by delivering messages to the correct Inboxes.


Ensure compliance with unsubscribe requests

Embed our prebuilt unsubscribe placeholders into your HTML code, or into your email builder via API and portal. Our robust blacklist approach ensures that if a recipient asks to be left off, they are.


Metrics and more to understand email performance

Effectively spot and rectify incorrect addresses, bounced emails, and other issues that compromise your results. Achieve complete visibility over your email performance with management-friendly reports covering delivery, opens, clicks and more.


  • Increase your customer base
    Turn your existing customers into advocates with email social invites that they can send to their friends and family.
  • Improve your customer experience
    Deliver sensitive information related to account changes, suspicious activities, and account status over the channel your customers prefer.
  • Improve customer engagement
    Send personalized newsletters with regular customized updates that are relevant to your audience.
  • Reduce churn rate
    Keep customers engaged by sending behavior-triggered notifications about their purchase, order status and incentives.
  • Increase promotional conversion rates
    Improve click-through rates with targeted personalized promotional emails

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