Krayons Payments

Krayons.Pay Carrier Billing

Our technology is implemented throughout the entire value chain of mobile network operators by deploying alternatives to optimize business processes, decrease expenses and enhance company efficiency.

Our close relationship with mobile carriers and integration experience with their devices enables us to constantly optimize operations both on the business and technical areas.

Easy to integrate with our feature-packed CRM system.

Krayons Service

We integrate API’s of mobile operators/ payment platforms for our clients of online merchants, game developers, music developers, publishers, distributors, turning their existing users into paying customers.


  • Seamless integration, cross-platform experience.
  • Optimizes payment flows.
  • Monetize your content around the globe.
  • Revenue share business model.
  • One Time set up model.
  • Complete Infra Model.

Krayons.In-House Developed Offers

Krayons offers a pool of content developed in-house. By removing the middleman we can get you the highest payouts possible. Promote in with our Landing Pages and Promotion Links.

After signing up, log in to your personal dashboard to access reports and easy to use promotion tools. We will help you get up and running in just a few minutes.


  • 70% of revenue shares post Mobile Operator Share.
  • Global coverage to more than 20 Operators.
  • Services include Gaming and Videos.
  • Know how and knowledge transfer of Publishers globally.
  • Referral programs get extra benefits.
  • Timely payouts.

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