Short Message Service

Reach more clients with reliable messaging platform built up for Speed, Deliverability and Reliability.

Scale Up and target your customers globally, rest we will take care of all the complexities

Why You Should Go For SMS?

  • 91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm's reach
  • 97% of people open a text within 4 minutes of receiving it
  • 19% of people will click the URL in an SMS, compared to just 4.2% for emails
  • 57% of consumers would consider opting in to a brand’s SMS loyalty programme
  • 76% of people in India suffer from ‘nomophobia’, the fear of being without a mobile phone
  • 30% SMS campaigns receive an average response rate of 30%, compared to email campaigns, which is 4%

Key Features of SMS

Sender ID

Get a sender id of Transactional, OTP and Enterprise. Need to be either a Six numbers or letters.

SMS Template

Generate your own SMS Template for Promotional and get Transactional approved with stipulated standards from TRAI

Contact List

Create your prospect list and upload files in .CSV/XLS/ZIP formats.

Select Language

Create SMS in any language and format, our systems ensure it reads perfectly in any devices worldwide.

No Limit of 160 Characters

Send messages in any length and in any language with no limits of characters in one go.


Application to person (A2P), integrate your existing SAP, ERP, CRM’s with our APIs for direct push from the Applications

2 Way SMS

Initiated when a message is sent from or received on a configured 2-Way number. The service also supports machine to- machine messaging.

Short/Smart URL

Add intelligent URL in your text message and readily redirect your target audience to the required landing page. Ex: Bit/Ly links

Reseller Panels

Get aggressive rates for resellers/channel partner on volume and Traffics of SMS.

Large Push

Powerful panel is able to send more than Millions of SMS in single campaign

Connections Worldwide

Reach all of your clients through a single API globally and enjoy uninterrupted service on the scale you need.

Automate the Campaign

Schedule your campaign on specific date/time and the system will send your campaign on the schedules

Which all Businesses need SMS to be connected, earn money and safe time and cost ?

Non-Profit Organisations

Increase donations/awareness, boost event attendance & coordinate volunteers

Marketing & Media Agencies

Promote your client's businesses using SMS marketing & get massive ROI

Venues & Events

Sell more tickets, fill more seats & create a real buzz around your next event

Financial Services

Keep your customers informed about their accounts in real-time with SMS alerts

Retail & E-Commerce

Boost sales, increase customer loyalty & drive foot traffic to your shop using SMS

Estate Agents

Market properties to prospective buyers & make managing tenants easy

Hotels & Hospitality

Improve customer happiness, get better reviews and increase repeat visits

Schools & Colleges

Keep parents & students up to date with SMS alerts about attendance, closures & deadlines

Related Case study


A school wants to send all parents the marks achieved by their students in the mid term exam. They have the database of all parents in their school management software.

Retail Outlets

We know how difficult it is to boost the sales in this highly competitive market. In retailing it is the satisfaction of the customers that counts the most. And the rate of success depends not merely in attracting but largely on retaining the customers who are often demanding,.

Banking and Financial Sector

In the banking and financial sector messaging allows businesses to open a powerful channel of communication with end users.

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