Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In IAAS, we provide all the infrastructure to support web-based applications for the project, including development, maintenance, storage, servers, communication channels, and all Technical and networking resources. 

Here are concise key points:
  • Web and App Development: IaaS can facilitate the development of web and mobile applications that support climate-smart agriculture, enabling farmers to access weather data, crop modeling, and best practices. These technical tools fulfill social needs for sustainable and resilient farming in the face of climate change.
  • Cloud-Based Servers: Technical infrastructure offered by IaaS allows the storage and processing of agricultural data related to climate adaptation and mitigation. This supports social needs for data-driven decision-making and precision agriculture.
  • Mobile/Tablets: IaaS infrastructure can provide Mobile, Tablets, Laptops etc. the backbone for mobile apps that deliver information to the stake holders.
  • Text and Voice Messages via SMS: Utilizing IaaS, text and voice messages can be sent to farmers to provide real-time various information and alerts, allowing them to take decisions in various day to day events.
  • E-Mail: Agricultural organizations and farmers can use IaaS-hosted email services to communicate about climate-resilient farming practices and adaptation strategies.
  • Google Analytics: Technical capabilities such as Google Analytics can be used to monitor and assess the impact of adaptation and mitigation strategies in the field applied for.
  • Analytical Reports on Success: IaaS can support the generation of analytical reports that track the success of progress assessments.
  • Customized IT & Deployment Tools: Tailored IT tools hosted on IaaS infrastructure can assist in the development and deployment, which are essential for both technical and social needs related to the project.
  • Organizing Events with Audio/Visual Live Telecast: IaaS can support virtual conferences and training events etc. for the projects
  • High Tea/Lunch or Dinner in Metropolitan States: While IaaS primarily focuses on technology infrastructure, it can indirectly support social events like conferences or meetings, creating opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing for the projects.

Incorporating various domains, such as Water, Watershed Management, Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change into the application of IaaS infrastructure helps address the success of the project with efficiency and best practices.

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